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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

I entered my ZIP code and was given a list of company names. Some are familiar and others are not. Who are these companies?

This the list returned for your ZIP code is a list of companies who hold FCC licenses to provide wireless voice and data services (cellular and PCS) in your geographic area. The list for each ZIP code is maintained to be as up-to-date as possible, however due to the numerous changes that occur daily in this area of telecommunications, it is possible that the list is not 100% accurate. In light of the many mergers, defaults, buying and selling of licenses, name changes, and marketing strategies of wireless telecommunications companies, some names may be missing from the list for any ZIP code and/or some names may need to be added or changed. If you are aware of any mistakes please fill out our feedback form so that we can investigate and correct the error as soon as possible.

In many cases you may not have heard of listed companies because the company has not completed the building of their network in your area. Also, the company may not have started marketing their service, or they simply do not spend as much money on advertising as the larger companies in your market.

Why do some companies in the list have a telephone numbers, banner ads and hyper-links while some only have the company name?

Only companies that that choose some level of sponsorship of the Wireless Advisor web site will be listed with phone numbers, banner ads and hyper-links. The hyper-links make it much easier for potential customers to get directly in touch with the company to inquire about wireless service. However, even if the listing does not include a phone number or link, you will probably be able to find a listing for the company in your local telephone directory.

Now that I have the names of the companies that can provide me with wireless service, what do I do now?

The next step, if available, is to click on the banner ad or text link provided in the listing. By doing so you will be delivered directly to the company's own web site where more detailed information about the service is available. You may even be able to sign-up for service directly on the company's web site. Also, if one is listed, you can also call the company telephone number to be connected to a company representative. Only those companies who have selected some level of sponsorship with the Wireless Advisor web site will be listed with links and telephone numbers. To contact those without links and telephone numbers please consult your local telephone directory.

Why does a company's name sometimes appear more than once in the list for a single ZIP code?

If a company's name appears more than once in a list for any ZIP code, it means that that company holds more than one license to provide wireless service to your area. The listed company may or may not provide different types of wireless services using the multiple licenses. Please contact the listed company directly for more information.

I have been told in the past that my area has no wireless coverage, but the Wireless Advisor lists several companies that are licensed to provide wireless service to my ZIP code. What does this mean?

The list provided by Wireless Advisor for your ZIP code is a list of companies who are now or were at one time licensed by the FCC to provide wireless service in your area. This does not mean that the company is required to provide such service or that the company does provide such service or that there are not other companies who can provide the same service. It is always necessary to contact each company directly for exact coverage areas and other service details.


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