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help free ringtones for LG VX6100

Discussion in 'US Cellular Forum' started by smangel1509, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. smangel1509

    smangel1509 New Member

    Jun 3, 2006
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    :confused: can any one help me mom wont let me have easyedge so how can i get good ringtones not the once that come with the phone but new ones:confused:
  2. twood2800

    twood2800 Member
    Junior Member

    Oct 30, 2005
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    South Central, WI
    My Phone:
    BlackBerry Curve
    Wireless Provider(s):
    U.S. Cellular
    you could record somthing and then try to send it through a picture message but before it sends then cancel it and then look in your outbox it should be there and so then just save the sound cllip under the options menu.

    hope that helps?
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  3. rcijr

    rcijr New Member

    Jun 14, 2006
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    Plover, WI
    Buy a data cable off ebay and use bitpim to put songs on your phone. Bitpim will allow you to choose the part of songs you want. Its free software. Do a google search for bitpim and you'll find it. This is what I do and it works great. You can use the cable and software to manage your contacts and get pictures off your phone also.
  4. melonator

    melonator New Member

    Aug 5, 2006
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    I have never actually done this with the lg vx6100 but i have done the equivalent with my motorola v555, using motorola phone tools. i'm not sure if the vx6100 even supports realtones

    Step A: Download a song you want, onto your computer.

    Step B: Download the free program dBpowerAMP from www.download.com (i've heard of Xingtone/audacity,and tons of others being used, but i've only used dBpowerAMP, with great results)

    Step C:
    follow these steps below to convert the file

    Windows Conversion Steps:
    1. We'll assume you're converting a file named "test.mp3" for this guide. Insert your own file name instead. Run dBpowerAmp and select the "test.mp3" file and click "Open".
    2. Change the drop downs to be "Wave", "16 Bit (CD)", "22050 Hz", and "1 'Mono'" (no reason for stereo).
    3. Click "Convert >>" and once it's completed click "Finished" and you'll have a file named "test.wav" in the same directory as the MP3 source file (or in the C:\Converted Music\ directory).
    4. Open the Windows Sound Recorder (included with Windows) and open the "test.wav" file created in step 3 (if you can't find Sound Recorder, Start->Run->"sndrec32"->OK).
    5. Ringtones shouldn't be longer than 30 seconds and cell phones have limited memory. Therefore, shorten it to 30 seconds or less. You can also crop it so it starts at the beginning of the choirs. To crop the audio clip, use the "Edit" menu to "Delete Before Current Position" or "Delete After Current Position". (help)
    6. Click the "File" menu and select "Save" which will overwrite the "test.wav" file.
    7. Run dBpowerAmp and select the "test.wav" file and click "Open".
    8. Change the converting file to "Mp3 (Lame)", Channels "Mono", Frequency "22050 Hz" slide the quality to "32Kbps", check "Volume Normalize" and uncheck "Preserve ID Tags". DON'T go into Advanced Options or your ringtone WILL NOT WORK!
    9. Click "Convert >>" and once it's completed click "Finished" and it will replace the "test.mp3" file.

    The "test.mp3" file is ready to be relayed to your phone and used as a ringtone!

    step D:
    now, there 2 main ways of getting the ringtone to your phone, i suggest the data cable method because you will be able to transfer files to/from your phone more economically, and with better quality most likely, plus i haven't done the other method with a U.S. Cellular phone.

    Data Cable Method:
    go to: http://www.buywirelessnow.com/lg/buy...sories/cat/132
    -if you want to, you can buy from the site LG PC Sync Software, and corresponding data cable. (but its going to be cheaper on E-bay).

    "Data Transfer Software Suite will help you conveniently transfer data from your handset to your PC. PC Sync Software provides Phone Book Manager, Internet Data Connect, Ringtone Composer, Image Editor and Calendar. Requires data cable (sold separately)."
    (be sure to also get the data cable that matches your phone).

    -install the software, and follow the instructions to send the ringtone/picture to your cell phone.

    No data cable method:
    -Get the unlimited Easyedge Package for a month for $9.99 (you wont need it for more than a month).
    -download the application nweb (which is a web browser)
    -upload the ringtone you have made onto http://www.mobstorage.com
    -go to wap.mobstorage on nweb, enter in the code. and download the file from there.

    Step E: enjoy your realtone

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