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What are these?

Former Ubiquitel site. I'm not sure what the boxes are, or why there are separate ones for Sprint and Ubiquitel. They're on the outside of the fence.

What are these?
spleck, Jun 24, 2008
Location / Street Address:
960 Warfield Blvd.
Structure Type:
Camouflaged/Stealth Cell Site?:
Overall Height (in feet):
Antenna Use:
Multiple Types
Number of Carriers:
Carrier on 2nd highest antenna:
Carrier on 3rd highest antenna:
    • RadioFoneGuy
      Telco (T-1) housing, holds the backhaul cards that go back to the switch.
    • spleck
      I was surprised they were outside the fence. Also weird that there is on labeled Ubiquitel AND one labeled Sprint, since Sprint acquired Ubiquitel.
    • RadioFoneGuy
      Its actually better to have them outside, especially if there isnt a combination lock on the gate so that if maintance if required AT&T, Verizon, Qwest etc doent have to call someone out to unlock the gate.

      I have seen it a few times with companies that got bought out have mulitple names.

      Those boxes are called Smart Jack housings and that style only holds 4 T-1 cards, so the telephone company just adding another. This more that likely due to upgrading this tower to EVDO which requires alot more backhaul.
    • TelcomJunkie
      One ugly install with all that liquid-tite.
    • RadioFoneGuy
      better than some of mine, I had new sites were I had my conduit waiting at the H-Frame and the telco will put my smart jack in another providers box and I get told the site has to come up and I end up running the 12/22 behind the boxes and up into the bottom of another carriers housing.

      I have had even worse. Verizon put my smart jack in Alltels building and I had to run CAT 5 out the hatch plate of my building and into alltels down a 50ft ice bridge. I got lucky and they had the standard Fiberbond building with keypad lock and didnt change the factory code.
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    Tennessee (TN)
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    Jun 24, 2008
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  • GPS Coord. LAT.:
    GPS Coord. LONG.:
    Ground Level Altitude (in feet):
    Cell ID (CID) or ASR# or FCC#:
    FCC 1229065
    Antenna Types:

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