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Bottom Line - Retirement - If you loose your cell phone.(June 2006)


San Francisco Chronicle - Tech Gift Guide for the Big Talker

The Wall Street Journal Sunday - Should You Get A Cellphone For a Preteen?

MONEY Magazine MoneyTalk - Information? No, Thanks. (Feb. 2005)


Akron Beacon Journal - Keep family on call

The Star Ledger - Ask the Biz Brain

PC World - Beyond the Dial Tone - Business Can You Hear Me Now?

PC Magazine - 50 from the Best of the Internet (The Book)

The Brunswick News - Cell phone shoppers have choices


MSNBC News - Shopping for a new phone deal: You can take your cell number with you, but where to go?

Star Tribune (Minneapolis/St. Paul) - Shopping: Tips for switching cell phone providers.

CNN/MONEY - What do you pay to stay connected?

San Francisco Chronicle - Cellular first aid: Does shopping for a cell phone plan make you dizzy?

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Wireless: Where to turn FCC ruling could bring big cellular phone deals.

NBC Today Show - Saving more, spending less

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) - What You Should Know About Wireless Phone Service (PDF)

WABC-TV New York - Top Three Cool New Cellphones


Money Magazine (12/02) - Cell Decision

NBC Today Show - Can you hear me now? Advice on picking the right cell-phone plan

The Dallas Morning News - Talk About Cultural Icons ... Cellphones

The New York Times - As Cellphone Options Grow, Sites Help Sort Them Out

Gannett Newspapers - Cell phone service options abound

The Christian Science Monitor - Cellphone breakups hard to do

Yahoo Internet Life (8/02) - Five big questions, and the sites that answer them.

Orange County Register - Now that you've got your PDA/Phone ...

TECH-TV : Call For Help - Fight Bad Cellphone Service

Times-Leader - Cell-phone customers dealing with dead zones.

Entrepreneur Magazine - Buy? Cell? Do your homework before choosing a plan.

TECH-TV : Call For Help - Choose the Best Cellphone Plan


The Dallas Morning News - Cellphone brands often incompatible.

ABC 7 (San Francisco, CA) - Which Cell Phone Plan Is Right For You?

WYFF 4 (Greenville, SC) - Be Prepared When Shopping For Cell Phones

Poughkeepsie Journal - Tragedy spurs sales of wireless phones.

KTRK-TV (Houston, TX) - Getting the best buy for your cell phone

The Seattle Times - Test-driving offerings of the wireless world.

ZDNet - Small Business Get hooked up

KCCI 8 (Iowa) - Find Best Cell Phone Plan

CBS MarketWatch - Cell programs : Know what you want in a phone before shopping

PC World (March) - Consumer Watch: Cell Phones With No Strings Attached - Get the Most Cell Phone for Your Money

CNET - Pressure grows for wireless dead-spot data

NIA - Online Buying a Cell Phone, Part 1

Wireless Internet Access for DUMMIES - Ten Great Wireless Internet Web Sites

Dallas Morning News - Destinations: Comparing what it takes to get connected

PC World (October) - Sites for Gadget Junkies

WTTG Fox5 (Wash. DC) - Wireless Phone Service


TimeOut New York - Buy and cell - Get the 411 on how to select the wireless phone, service and calling plan that's right for you

Federal Consumer Information Center - Wondering About Wireless?

The KIM KOMANDO Radio Show - Kool Sites - Communications

Houston Chronicle - New cell phone features benefit business travelers - Which wireless device should you plug into?

Small Business Computing Magazine - A Shopper's Guide to Wireless Service - Five cell phone buying tips / The cost of a cell phone

WPBF(W. Palm Beach) - Get Online Cellular Phone Buying Tips - Staying connected Realtor Magazine Online WirelessAdvisor connects you to service information - The Five Horsemen of Wireless

American City Business Journals - Choosing a wireless communications/cellular phone service

ZDTV - The Money Machine Featured Links Money Minute

CNET Topic Center - Wireless Phone Service: Find the Best Deal - More from the Web

MSN Women Central - Down to the wire: Best cell-phone plans


San Jose Mercury News - Shopping tips; sites to consider - Web sites let callers hunt for best deal

CBS This Morning - Cell Phone Smarts

MSN Money Central - Hear the call

CNET - Web sites target confused telecom customers

NBC San Diego - Web site helps sort out cell phone plans.

Business Week Online - Time to Dial Up a New Long-Distance Plan?

MSN - Picking the best cellular plan: You make the call

Infoseek - Mobile & Wireless: Communications: Service Best

Excite@Home - Computers & Internet : Networking : Telecommunications : Wireless ***BEST - Web sites can save you big bucks when selecting a plan for wireless phone service

Computer Currents - Links of the Week

KRON(San Francisco) - Cellphone Rate


WirelessWeek - ZIP Codes Key To Wireless Info Site

EXN - So You Want A Wireless Phone? Wireless Advisor Can Help

Third Age - Confused by Wireless Phone Claims?

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